Art, Design, and Theatre Faculty Art Exhibitions



Exhibitions from 2022

Holding Patterns/Murmurations, Cat Mailloux

Print as Process, Print as Product, Cat Mailloux

ROY Presents: Cat Mailloux, Krista Faist, Lydia Cornett, Julia Matejcek, and Weiting Wei, Cat Mailloux

Stitched: Quilts by Sewing Lab, Cat Mailloux

Exhibitions from 2021

Wakes and Shadows, Caleb D. Booth

Primary Devotion, Cat Mailloux

Window Void, Cat Mailloux

Exhibitions from 2020

Utopian Living, Caleb D. Booth

Clerestory, Cat Mailloux

Give Me Your Hand, Sister, Cat Mailloux

Never Alone Zine Exchange, Cat Mailloux

Exhibitions from 2019

2019 Annual Alumni Invitational Show, Zachariah Benson

2019 Miami University Young Sculptors Competition, Zachariah Benson

The Perspectives of Home: An Exhibition of Social Practice, Zachariah Benson

Echoes from the Surface, Caleb D. Booth

Mythical Creatures, Caleb D. Booth

Wakes and Shadows, Caleb D. Booth

2019 Summer Teacher Residency Exhibition, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Lunch Money Print: The LMP Exchange Exhibition, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

The FL3TCH3R Exhibit, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Ubi Sunt..., Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Health + The Arts, Cat Mailloux

Lovesick, Cat Mailloux

Pattern/Place, Cat Mailloux

Touchdown, Cat Mailloux

Exhibitions from 2018

Artspace x NYAAA, Caleb D. Booth

Beyond Figuration, Caleb D. Booth

Little but Fierce, Caleb D. Booth

Summer Exhibition, Caleb D. Booth

72nd Annual Juried Members’ Exhibition, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

73rd Ohio Annual Juried Exhibition, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

At Home, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

New Works by Annie Lee-Zimerle & Brian Zimerle, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Open Theme Annual, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

PRESS, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Snail-Shell Bride, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

The Canvas Project, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

In Pieces, Cat Mailloux

Love Story, Cat Mailloux

MFA Thesis 2018, Cat Mailloux

Roy Spectrum, Cat Mailloux

Exhibitions from 2017

Academy 2017, Zachariah Benson

Art Ed 2017, Zachariah Benson

Artists for Truth, Zachariah Benson

Benson Sculpture: A Common Lineage, Zachariah Benson

God Is Greater, Zachariah Benson

Reconstructions, Zachariah Benson

ReFORMation, Zachariah Benson

Visualizing Migration, Zachariah Benson

Voices to Be Heard, Zachariah Benson

Birds of Prey, Caleb D. Booth

Perfection to a T, Caleb D. Booth

Power of Silence, Caleb D. Booth

Single Fare 4, Caleb D. Booth

Take Home a Nude, Caleb D. Booth

Annual Art Gala, Aaron Gosser

2017 Sketchbook Project, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

71st Annual Juried Members’ Exhibition, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

9INHANDPRESS Inaugural Print Exchange 2017, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Big Ink, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Collective Memory, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Fabricated Images, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Hamilton Current, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Light Years Ahead, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Make Room, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

OAL Thumb Box, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

The 37th National Juried Print Exhibition, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

The Print Show, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Absence Hands Over a Magnifying Glass, Cat Mailloux

Art Children in 3D, Cat Mailloux

Exhibitions from 2016

7th Lessedra International Mixed Media Exhibition, Zachariah Benson

Buried in History, Zachariah Benson

Ceramic Bowls, Zachariah Benson

Collections, Zachariah Benson

Drawing Board, Zachariah Benson

HoCo Open 2016, Zachariah Benson

Midpoint 2016, Zachariah Benson

Preparation as Practice, Zachariah Benson

Running Wall, Zachariah Benson

Soul Stirrings, Zachariah Benson

To Stand for Nothing and Stand Up for No One, Zachariah Benson

To Stand for Nothing and Stand Up for No One, Zachariah Benson

Walking Through Glue, Zachariah Benson

MFA Thesis Exhibition, Caleb D. Booth

Picturing the Unprintable, Caleb D. Booth

Tribeca Ball, Caleb D. Booth

Wounded Warrior Project Exhibition Posters, Aaron C. Huffman

9INHANDPRESS Inaugural Print Exchange 2016, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Bookish, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Closely Pressed, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Inspiration: Foundations, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

It's Alive, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Novas Històries, Ohio Art League 2016 Spring Juried Exhibition, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Remnants + Resonate, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

STORM: The Dayton/Kyoto Print Exhibition, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Story Retold: Works by Annie Lee-Zimerle, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

The 70th Member’s Juried Exhibition, Aemin A. Lee-Zimerle

Does This Work for Everyone?, Cat Mailloux

Pattern and Dissonance, Cat Mailloux

Relative to You, Cat Mailloux