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Broad in scope--theological, ecological, and personal--and acutely particular in details--witnessed and lived--the affecting poems in Particular Scandals explore how one endures suffering, avoiding the clichés of both bitterness and transcendence. Thus, while Moore's poetry depicts the debilitating ruin illness wreaks, it also embraces the beauty and mystery in creation, in faith, even in tribulation itself. At the book's core is pure paradox and insightful integration, wedding Christmas--Christ's incarnation and eventual, willing sacrifice--to pain and grief. Thus, on the heels of Moore's multiple surgeries and amid her husband's serious heart problem--both while in their forties--come "flashes of hallelujah" and songs knit with Amens "un- / broken, like a world without end." Empathetic and observant, Moore's evocative poems also turn their attention to friends' and other family members' appalling losses: a stillborn infant, suicidal adolescents, molested, and trafficked children. All in all, the book portrays how Moore survives like the Sycamore tree in one of her poems, "scabbed and scarred from moments like this," offering her "empty self / like a cup to the Lord of the storm."





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Cascade Books


Eugene, OR


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | Poetry


Class of 1987

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Professor Moore directs the University’s Writing Center. Cedarville's 2014–15Miracle yearbook was dedicated to her, and in 2008, she received the Dean’s Service Award for her work. She has given many conference presentations at regional and national writing center conferences. She is also the author of several poetry books, Particular Scandals, published in 2013 in The Poiema Poetry Series by Cascade Books; Slipping Out of Bloom; and the chapbook, Election Day. Professor Moore has been nominated for the Best of the Net anthology and twice for the Pushcart Prize; she has also received the Editor’s Choice Award from Writecorner Press, the Rosine Offen Memorial Award from the Free Lunch Arts Alliance, and the Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize from Ruminate. Her poems have appeared in over a hundred publications. You can learn more about her work

Visit Professor Moore's SelectedWorks page.

Particular Scandals: A Book of Poems

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