U2 Above, Across, and Beyond: Interdisciplinary Assessments


U2 Above, Across, and Beyond: Interdisciplinary Assessments


Editor: Scott Calhoun

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English, Literature, and Modern Languages



U2’s success and significance are due, in large part, to finding inventive, creative solutions for overcoming obstacles and moving past conventional boundaries. As it has embraced change and transformation over and over again, its fans and critics have come to value and expect this element of U2. These new essays from the disciplines of organizational communication, music theory, literary studies, religion, and cultural studies offer perspectives on several ways U2’s dynamic of change has been a constant theme throughout its career. The eight essays here come from the U2 Conference 2013, which explores the music, work, and influence of U2, furthering the scholarship on U2.




U2, Rock 'N' Roll

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Lexington Books


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Creative Writing | Music


Class of 1995

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Dr. Calhoun is a Professor of English, teaching courses on nonfiction writing, literature, the history of English, C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien, and the uses, constructions, and appreciation of narratives. He is the creator and director of The U2 Conference, a meeting of academic and popular audiences for the exploration of the music, work, and influence of U2. He edited and contributed to Exploring U2: Is This Rock ‘n’ Roll?, a collection of essays, and is a Series Editor with Scarecrow Press for Tempo books on rock and pop music and culture. He writes for the website @U2 and has contributed essays about U2 to Books & Culture. He has been teaching at Cedarville since 1999.

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U2 Above, Across, and Beyond: Interdisciplinary Assessments