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Team Huddles

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Are you ready to improve your athletic performance? Would you like to know how the spiritual dimension of your life affects your athletic development? Are you ready to meet personally with God? Would you like to become all that God wants you to be? Would you like to have an eternal impact upon your teammates? If any of these are true of you then you are ready for Team Huddles. This book will help you begin and develop the spiritual dimension of your life and teach you to lead others spiritually at the same time. Get ready to make your mark! These challenges have been given to hundreds of student athletes since 1974. While a few teams have only heard one of these talks in a single season, most of the football teams the author has spoken to since 1985 have heard these talks at the rate of one a week during their sport’s season. Have they helped any students? Yes!




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Cross Training Publishing


Biblical Studies | Christianity | Practical Theology

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Dr. Parrott is an educator, practical theologian, local church elder, and minister whose focus is on Christian formation and spiritual growth to reach the world for Christ and make disciples who make disciples. His passion for working with youth, students, parents, and families includes 30 years of leading youth ministries before coming to Cedarville in 2004. He is a Campus Crusade for Christ high school affiliate who regularly leads international projects and assists with its Cincinnati student ministry. He serves on the Cedarville MIS committee, Admission’s committee, and is an active member of the Evangelical Theological Society.

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Team Huddles