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Cedarville University’s 125th anniversary in 2012 provided an appropriate moment to look back and remember how God has led so many wonderful people to this place and how His hand has guided and kept us over all these years. As the university continues to grow and change, many individuals new to the campus—students, administrators, faculty and staff members alike—may not be aware of all the contributions of those who preceded them. In order to capture those lives before they are lost to history, Dr. Loach set out to record the stories behind some of the faces and names long associated with the university. In addition, she highlights how some of the university's more than 30,000 alumni have served the Lord through various fields of endeavor around the world.




Cedarville, legacies, alumni, faculty, staff

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Cedrus Press


Cedarville, OH


Higher Education | Intellectual History

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Dr. Loach has taught at Cedarville University since 1978. She teaches upper-level undergraduate courses in Spanish language, literature, and culture. She is responsible for developing a number of programs in the Department of English, Literature, and Modern Languages, including minors in French, German, Spanish for professionals, TESOL, and four area studies minors. She has also worked as a consultant for Educational Testing Services, reviewing and writing for the Spanish language web-based CLEP exam. She has conducted research in Latin American women’s literature, immigration, inclusive teaching, and translation/interpreting. She has traveled to Spanish-speaking countries including Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, and Spain.

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Cedarville University: Defining Legacies



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