Engage the Bible


Engage the Bible


Author: Dr. Billy Marsh

Editor and Designer: Dr. Dan DeWitt

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Biblical and Theological Studies



The book you’re holding could change your life. Not because it’s powerful in itself. It’s not. It’s designed to serve as a resource to help you Engage the Bible, the most important book, all year ‘round.

Take note, this devotional and Bible reading plan is pretty unique. It’s developed to give you a thirty-thousand-foot tour of the entire Bible from beginning to end. It explains and unpacks the major themes of the Old Testament and demonstrates how they all point to Christ, to a new covenant, and a new creation. Each week builds on the previous one, so you’ll want to go in order. And if you’re a youth pastor or pastor, this 52 week layout offers a great lesson plan for small group material.

The format for this devotional and Scripture reading plan and journal is simple. There’s a devotion for you to read at the beginning of each week with a simple prayer. There’s also a “Read the Bible Through” section that will give you passages to read and reflect on during the week. We’ve included a section in each spread for you to write down your thoughts and comments as you study God’s Word. The devotions and readings will take you from selected passages in Genesis through Revelation giving you an overview of the big story of the Bible.




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Biblical Studies | Christianity | Practical Theology

About the Author

Billy Marsh became a Christian at an early age, and soon thereafter, he discerned that the Lord was cultivating a desire for vocational Christian ministry. While in college, Marsh developed a passion for the recovery of the pastor-theologian role. For Marsh, this role represents the inherently pastoral nature of the knowledge of God of which theology that is done in accord with the Scriptures seeks to understand. His research interests have been specifically located within the fields of Biblical Theology, the Doctrine of Scripture, Hermeneutics/Biblical Interpretation, Christology, Reformation Studies, and Martin Luther.

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Dr. Dan DeWitt is from a small town in the middle of a cornfield in central Illinois. He was, however, close enough to the city of Springfield to manage to get a little culture. He came to faith in Christ at the age of 15. He always wanted to be an artist, but felt that serious Christians didn't bother with such trivialities. Reading a British author named G.K. Chesterton changed his mind. In addition to teaching and writing, he sometimes doodles. He feel that there's a time for an academic textbook and a time for a sketch book. His favorite author is C.S. Lewis, and he thinks yours should be, too. Dr. DeWitt spends most of his research and writing time at the intersection of faith and secularism.

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Engage the Bible