Rooted: Theology for Growing Christians


Rooted: Theology for Growing Christians

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Biblical and Theological Studies



The word "theology," at its most basic definition, means "words about God." We are all theologians since we all talk about God. We all have a theology, and it's either good or bad. Good theology is the system of roots that keeps our tree of faith vibrant and alive. It keeps us grounded, centered, and yet growing. And when we are rooted, we won’t remain stagnant. In Rooted, Medders and Smith make theology practical for Christians who want to grow in their faith. Rooted covers the most basic and crucial areas of theology: the Trinity, Scripture, redemption in Christ, and eternity. The authors bring the deeper things of God to light, but without the complexities often associated with theological works. Whether you read this book on your own or with a group with friends, you will have a better understanding of theology and why it matters for your life.



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Rainer Publishing


Spring Hill, TN

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Brandon Smith joined the faculty at Cedarville University in fall 2019 after spending the previous four years helping lead the Christian Standard Bible translation and as an elder at a church in the Nashville area. He also helped found the Center for Baptist Renewal and hosts the Church Grammar podcast. His research interests include the Trinity, canonical and theological interpretation, biblical theology, and early church theology (especially AD 100-400).

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Rooted: Theology for Growing Christians