Proteomics for Biological Discovery


Proteomics for Biological Discovery


Co-editor: Timothy D. Veenstra

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Pharmaceutical Sciences



Written by recognized experts in the study of proteins, Proteomics for Biological Discovery begins by discussing the emergence of proteomics from genome sequencing projects and a summary of potential answers to be gained from proteome-level research. The tools of proteomics, from conventional to novel techniques, are then dealt with in terms of underlying concepts, limitations and future directions. An invaluable source of information, this title also provides a thorough overview of the current developments in post-translational modification studies, structural proteomics, biochemical proteomics, microfabrication, applied proteomics, and bioinformatics relevant to proteomics.

  • Presents a comprehensive and coherent review of the major issues faced in terms of technology development, bioinformatics, strategic approaches, and applications
  • Chapters offer a rigorous overview with summary of limitations, emerging approaches, questions, and realistic future industry and basic science applications
  • Discusses higher level integrative aspects, including technical challenges and applications for drug discovery
  • Accessible to the novice while providing experienced investigators essential information

Proteomics for Biological Discovery is an essential resource for students, postdoctoral fellows, and researchers across all fields of biomedical research, including biochemistry, protein chemistry, molecular genetics, cell/developmental biology, and bioinformatics.



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John Wiley and Sons, Inc.


New York, NY

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Proteomics for Biological Discovery