Weeding Impatience: Growing in Patience

Weeding Impatience: Growing in Patience



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"Hurry up! We're late!" "I need it now!" "You have to be out the door in five minutes!" "How long do I have to wait, God?" These and dozens of other messages can lead to a frenzied, hurried life. The instant-gratification mindset, combined with a drive to cram as much activity as possible into any given day, has made us an impatient people- with harmful results to relationships, health, work, finances, and even our walk with God. If you're tired of the frantic pace that often wears you out, you've picked up the right book-Weeding Impatience is a thorough biblical approach to getting your life in order by learning to be more patient in all things. Presented in a compelling and thoughtful manner that includes true-life stories and examples, Weeding Impatience will start you on the very rewarding journey toward a lifestyle of quiet surrender to God-and big improvements for you and your family as you learn to reset and experience the peace that comes with patience.



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WinePress Publishing

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Dr. Louima Lilite is a Professor of Music at Cedarville University.

Weeding Impatience: Growing in Patience