Patriotism and the Cross : a Theology of Nationalism

Patriotism and the Cross : a Theology of Nationalism



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Every follower of Christ has a coterminous sense of citizenship—(s)he is at the same time a citizen of a country (or countries) on earth, but also has a heavenly allegiance through faith in Jesus Christ. How then should Christians live in light of these tensions? What does the Bible teach about issues of nationality, nationalism, and patriotism?
Designed around seven chapters, this book investigates the issue of national identity for the follower of Christ. Specifically, this book delves into more than the binary of whether a Christian can be patriotic or not. Or, whether a Christian can be nationalistic or not. What should a Christian do in light of differing political conditions around them because, in this situation, Christians still need to share the gospel and make disciples of all nations? As a result, answers are proffered by the author, based on Old and New Testament examples, on national identity, free trade and supranational groupings, secessionist agitation and independence referendums, as well as transnational linkages that connect followers of Christ around the globe. This book ends with sixteen conclusions on how Christians should live in the modern world with respect to nationalism and patriotism.




Theology, ethics, religion, nationalism, citizenship

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Eugene, Oregon, United States of America


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Dr. Duerr was born and raised in southeast England in the United Kingdom and also lived in southern Ontario, Canada, and northeast Ohio before joining the faculty at Cedarville in August 2012. His teaching and research interests include nationalism and secession, comparative politics, international relations theory, sports and politics, and Christianity and politics. He has published numerous refereed journal articles, book chapters, encyclopedia entries, and book reviews. He also played semiprofessional soccer for several years in the minor league system in North America and spent time as a broadcaster on SportsTime Ohio and Fox Soccer Channel.

Patriotism and the Cross : a Theology of Nationalism