The E-Mind: How to Think Like an Entrepreneur and Gain an Exponential Advantage

The E-Mind: How to Think Like an Entrepreneur and Gain an Exponential Advantage

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“Sorry, you’re on your own.”

Six days before my first international cycling trip, my five friends informed me they were all canceling. I now had a choice. Would I drop too or fly to the heart of the Tour de France and bike some of the hardest mountains in the world all by myself?

After a few hours of soul-searching and encouragement from my wife, I decided to go anyway—without a plan, a friend, or even a place to stay. I had no idea the adventures that awaited, only that I had to tap into The E-Mind™ and think like an entrepreneur in order to survive. The same Ten Traits that helped me thrive as an entrepreneur became the secret weapon to help me summit over a dozen mountain tops.

In today’s marketplace, everyone is an entrepreneur.
Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to think like one.

Some believe entrepreneurs make up 4% of the population. They think this minority is brave and bold—focused on start-ups, investors, and risk. This may be the classic definition, but the truth is every single person is a brand and runs a company of one. It’s your responsibility to create value, and if you fail to deliver, chances are you’ll find yourself without a job.

Some reject identifying as an entrepreneur, claiming employee status instead. But even if you work for an employer, you choose to align yourself with that sub-brand. Do something out of alignment, and you’ll quickly find out you’re no longer a brand match.

Time to accept the facts. On some level, you’re an entrepreneur. And everyone in every industry would do better by thinking like one. In The E-Mind™, you’ll learn how to:

  • Exchange fear and anxiety for peace and confidence by changing the rules of the game
  • Tap into the Ten Traits that help entrepreneurs create more success in work and life
  • Experience freedom—to go as you please, finances—to earn as you like, and fulfillment—to live as you like

Stop leaving things to chance and circumstance. Take back control of your future. Think like an entrepreneur and gain an exponential advantage starting today!



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The E-Mind: How to Think Like an Entrepreneur and Gain an Exponential Advantage