The Sport and Religious Identities: Comparisons of Self Involvement Using the SII

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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The Ohio State University

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History and Government

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Timothy J . Curry

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Alfred C. Clarke

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Kent P. Schwirian


Sports, religion, identity theory, sociology, Christian college


Identity theory is a branch of social psychology which has examined role related behavior such as sport and religious behavior. The concept of salience hierarchy as it concerns identity has been related to various forms of role performance. It has been demonstrated that identity salience is related to interpersonal commitment, others' expectations, time spent in role, and role performance satisfaction. The purpose of this paper is to (1) test hypotheses concerning religious and sport identities drawn from previous studies, (2) refine the measuring techniques used previously, and (3) compare the two identities of sport and religion to see if they have the same social psychological structure. The sample used to test eleven hypotheses is a purposive sample of 348 Christian college students.