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Academic Year



This picture is from the cover of The Ohio Independent Baptist for November 1958 (Volume 31, Number 1), the newsletter of the Ohio Association of Regular Baptist Churches.

Front row, left to right: Warren Webber, Music; Richard Cooke, Music; Paul Wyland, History and Librarian; Harmon Bergen, Modern Languages and English; Sherwin Bowser, Coach and Physical Education

Second row, left to right: Ruth Kantzer, English; Cleveland McDonald, Social Studies and Missions; Bruce Turnbull, Physical Science, Greek, and Bible; Dale Thomson, Biological Science, Choir Director; Robert Underwood, Registrar and Education

Third row, left to right: Arthur F. Williams, Dean of Students and Bible; James T. Jeremiah, President and Bible; C.R. Maddox, Dean and Psychology

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November 3, 2016


Cedarville, faculty