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Integration Paper

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early childhood education, christian worldview, Biblical integration


This paper will deal with the concept of Biblical integration. Biblical integration can be compared to painting a beautiful picture that uses exquisite colors of various oils. Individually, each color is attractive and alive, but integrated into a whole by the hand of the master artist, the colors cry out with the beauty of a coherent, unified image. So it is, that integrating the colors of faith, learning and life under the Master’s hand has the potential for creating a stimulating and attractive picture that reflects the splendor of the great Master Artist. According to I Corinthians 10:31, it is, after all, the primary purpose of man’s existence in the universe to glorify God. The purpose of this paper is to show how He can be magnified through the integration of faith, learning and life.

There are three specific goals of this paper. The first goal sets forth a Christian world view that covers four major areas: God, creation, man and epistemology. The second goal is to apply the concept of the integration of faith, learning and life to the discipline of education. The last section will reflect on how integration is demonstrated specifically in the Early Childhood Education Science Methods II course of study.



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