History and Government Faculty Dissertations



Dissertations from 2023


Legitimacy and Power: Framing in U.S. Supreme Court Justices’ Opinions and Off-Bench Discourse, Deborah M. Groen

Dissertations from 2013


What Are the Key Competencies, Qualities, and Attributes of the African American Municipal Police Chief?, Patrick Oliver

Dissertations from 2012


Talking with Nationalists and Patriots: An Examination of Ethnic and Civic Approaches to Nationalism and their Outcomes in Quebec and Flanders, Glen M.E. Duerr

Dissertations from 2008

Lords of Creation: American Scriptural Geology and the Lord Brothers' Assault on "Intellectual Atheism", Richard P. Tison

Dissertations from 2006


A Heuristic Study of the Decision to Privatize Local Government Services, David L. Rich

Dissertations from 2002

Scottish Hermeneutical Method from John Knox to the Early Twentieth Century: Sacred to Secular, Marc A. Clauson

Dissertations from 1991

The Defense of American Sovereignty: The Declaration of Independence as a Foreign Policy Statement, Kevin F. Sims

Dissertations from 1987


The Sport and Religious Identities: Comparisons of Self Involvement Using the SII, Robert G. Parr

Dissertations from 1978

The White "Apos": Ifugao and American Perceptions of Colonial Rule, Frank L. Jenista

Dissertations from 1971


Charles Hammond, Egalitarian-Whig: An Analysis of the Political Philosophy of a Federalist-Whig Editor and its Implications Concerning the Traditional Concept of Jacksonian Democracy, J. Murray Murdoch