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Anne Habermehl is a creationist researcher, writer, and speaker. She has published on topics such as the Egyptian timeline, the search for Noah’s Ark, the location of the Tower of Babel, the placement of the Ice Age in history, and who the Neanderthals were. Born in Canada, she has a B.Sc. from the University of Waterloo (chemistry major), Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Her web site is www.creationsixdays.net.


Gӧbekli Tepe is a prehistoric archaeological site in SE Turkey that has captured the attention of the world by how advanced it is for its age, an astounding 12,000 years old on the conventional timeline. This has required conventional scholars to readjust their thinking about the capabilities of ancient people because, according to their worldview, humans should not have been able to produce carved stone monuments like these that far back in time. Creationists do not find this difficult to accept because they believe that early man was a capable being, as created by God. In addition, because the creationist timeline is far shorter than the conventional one, Gӧbekli Tepe was not built as long ago as conventional scholars believe. In this paper we discuss the conventional versus biblical timelines and show the enormous telescoping of the conventional timeline in historical times that is necessary to correlate it to the two slightly variant biblical timelines (Masoretic and Septuagint). Using the end of the Neanderthals, the end of the Pleistocene, the Nile Delta formation, and Abraham’s visit to Egypt, it is proposed here that Gӧbekli Tepe was most likely founded somewhat more than one hundred years before Abraham’s visit to Egypt (Masoretic timeline) or, alternatively, around two hundred and fifty years before Abraham’s visit to Egypt (Septuagint timeline). It is postulated that geological events at the end of the Ice Age may have caused the builders of Gӧbekli Tepe to first migrate to the site, and then later abandon it.


Gӧbekli Tepe, archaeology, conventional timeline, biblical timeline, prehistory, Ice Age, Neanderthals




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