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In this paper, Kelley asks several research questions about the effects of music on creative writing, and then uses empirical research methods to answer those questions. The purpose of this assignment was for students to design a research study about writing and then conduct the research to answer their questions. The paper is organized like a social science research article, with a literature review, methods section, results, and discussion. The data that Kelley collected is fascinating and really shows the power of her research design and method. Her data yielded interesting results and conclusions that have implications for people interested in creative writing. She was also able to give some evidence for the, previously underinvestigated, “Mozart effect,” and thus was able to add her voice to a real academic conversation in the field of writing studies.

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Kelley Pugh, also known as KC, is a freshman Social Work major from Virginia. KC has always enjoyed creative writing, but this is the first time she has ever attempted a scholarly article such as this. KC enjoys the company of others and has a deep appreciation for the arts.



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