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The Secret Subway is a unique children’s book that teaches children about a very unique moment in history. It tells the story of Alfred Ely Beech, who invented the first underground transportation system in New York. The streets of New York in 1860s were disgusting so Beech had the idea to make a pneumatic tube system to transport people underground. Beech was successful, but his idea of expanding it was shut down by Boss Tweed, the unofficial leader of New York, because Tweed had interests in the railroad. Beech’s invention was forgotten until the subway system was built almost 50 years later, and it is now a part of New York history. This book’s illustration are the most charming thing about the story. The story itself is interesting, but what really makes it worthwhile is the Claymation style illustration. If anything, the author’s dedication to the historical facts and the librarian’s helpful skills are the true heart of this book. I would recommend this book for ages five to ten.

Recommended. Shaune Young, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University



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Review of <em>The Secret Subway</em> by Shana Corey

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