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Jazz music and New Orleans are the heart and soul of this book. Trombone Shorty as he was nicknamed by his brother tells the story of how his love of jazz began from the time he was born. He grew up in a town called Tremé. His brother and community fostered a love of jazz music, and he and his friends would play both real and fake instruments together. He is now a world famous jazz musician who wants to give back to the New Orleans community and foster a love for music in children like his brother did for him. This book can teach any child the wonder of music, especially jazz. Jazz is a character of its own in this book that moves Trombone Shorty throughout his life. The illustrations match the tone of the book perfectly. Trombone Shorty’s passion for music can be seen on every page with the dedication he had for the music. I would recommend this book for ages six to eleven.

Highly Recommended. Shaune Young, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University



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Review of <em>Trombone Shorty</em> by Troy

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