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Children's literature, review, ghost, friendship


Leo: A Ghost Story is a charming story about a little ghost named Leo. Leo lives in a house by himself until a family moves in, and he has to leave because he frightens them. He wanders wondering at how different the city is until he bumps into a little girl who can finally see him. She plays with him thinking he is an imaginary friend, but one night a burglar sneaks in and Leo locks him in a closet. He then tells Jane he is a ghost, and she still accepts him as her friend. This story’s message seems to be that you should not judge people based on what you see, but you should love them for who they are. It is a fun story for children who have imaginary friends, and the quiet charming nature of Leo makes him quite a lovable character. The illustrations capture the way a child might draw their imaginary friend. I would recommend this for ages five to ten.

Recommended. Shaune Young, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University



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Review of <em>Leo: A Ghost Story</em> by Mac Barnett

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