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Children's literature, review, grief


I’m Right Here is a touching reminder to hold onto the ones you love. A grandmother and her grandson are taking a walk in the forest, and he asks her what she is afraid of. She tells him all the things she is afraid of missing, and he responds with telling her about all the things and creatures he is afraid of. She tells him that when you are old you are afraid of losing the things you love, but he tells her he will always be right there. She will never lose him, and even when she is gone he will still remember her. The simple pastel illustrations give the story the gentle, soft air it deserves. Even though it discusses heavy themes of losing someone you love it is subtle enough that it would not make one sad, but glad to know that even when their loved one is gone, they will never be forgotten. I would suggest this for children who are experiencing the concept of death for the first time, ages six to ten.

Highly recommended. Shaune Young, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University



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Review of <em>I'm Right Here</em> by Constance Ørbeck-Nilssen

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