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Meschenmoser’s Mr. Squirrel and the Moon is a story that is both heartwarming and full of laughs, following the antics of Mr. Squirrel, Mr. Hedgehog, and Billy Goat as they discover the moon has fallen from the sky. Meschenmoser, originally from Germany, paints a picturesque tale of friendship and adventure as Mr. Squirrel and his friends attempt to put the moon back where it belongs. Perhaps because the dialog/text is translated from German, it comes across as choppy and short. The ending is ambiguous in terms of whether the object from the sky was actually the moon or a rind of cheese. However, it is the illustrations that are the heart of the story. Meschenmoser’s pencil and graphite drawings are both highly realistic and stark in terms of color, the occasional animal fur and night sky serving as the only bright spots, except for the painted yellow moon. I would recommend this book to readers just starting out, and to parents, teachers, and librarians strictly for the art value of the illustrations. Jess Elder, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University.



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Review of <em> Mr. Squirrel and the Moon </em> by Sebastian Meschenmoser

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