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This wordless book shows a young girl walking through town with her father. She finds flowers growing in the cracks between the concrete sidewalk and picks them. They add color to her world when she looks at or smells them. Her father is often on the phone or talking to someone else and paying little attention to her. She gives her flowers away to mourn a dead bird, adorn a homeless man’s shoes, a neighbor’s dog, and her family. Each gift brings color to the lives of those around her. The story can be used to demonstrate the effect of small kind acts on both the doer and receiver. Since there are no words, it might be a book for children to look at on their own and then talk about with a parent afterwards. The illustrations tried to represent the change in people’s view of the flowers through color, but sometimes the use of color was confusing. Recommended. Christiana Manthei, Centennial Library Intern



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Review of <em>Sidewalk Flowers</em> by Jon Arno Lawson & Sydney Smith

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