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The three Christiansen brothers, Harold, William, and Lew grew up dancing and eventually fell in love with ballet. They all went out on their own performing and choreographing adventures, sometimes with one other brother and sometimes alone. While teaching dance in Portland, Oregon, William uncovered The Nutcracker and decided to have his students perform parts of it. During the Second World War, William and Harold planned a Christmas ballet showing of the whole Nutcracker performance; it was a hit, but it did not become a Christmas tradition until years later. This true story describes how long and challenging success can be and also how much of an impact doing one’s passion well can have on the world. The illustrations generally capture the essence of the story and ballet, but they could have aligned better with the text in some places. Recommended

Christiana Manthei, Centennial Library Intern



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Review of <em>The Nutcracker Comes to America: How Three Ballet-loving Brothers Created a Holiday Tradition</em> by Chris Barton & Cathy Gendron

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