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Sitting in her class Samira learns something terrible. People have skeletons! She objects to this bold accusation by her teacher, but the proof of her skeleton is her teeth. Samira’s x-ray vision activates and all she can see are people’s skeletons. Even her best friend Frida has a skeleton. The rest of the day she avoids the walking skeletons even Frida. When her mom picks her up from school motherly intuition takes over. Her mother comes up with an ingenious plan to remove her skeleton, and give the bones to the tooth fairy. When Samira’s mother goes to start removing her bones she quickly runs away. She realizes that she needs her skeleton, and that she likes her best friend with a skeleton too. The story is a funny way to teach young minds that they have a skeleton, and to engage their curiosity about the internal workings of the human body. This book is recommended for children with curious minds and who want to learn more about the human body.

Recommended. Jordan Oldham, Cedarville University, Centennial Library Intern



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<em> Samira and the Skeletons</em> by Camilla Kuhn

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