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The story begins with a picture of a girl and her pet dog. However, the next page shows the girl picking flowers for the dog, and we discover that the dog has died. Her family goes on a trip to the beach. Here, the story changes course and shows a comet crashing to Earth. From the remnants of the comet, some caveman take a large, golden stone and use it to build their shelter. We follow this stone over the span of history, as it is sculpted and melted, handled by pirates, merchants, and craftsmen. Eventually, a piece of it drops to the ocean floor. Our heroine of earlier finds it, and takes it back as a tombstone for her beloved pet’s grave.

The illustrations are lovely. They present an epic feel to the piece, as we follow the rock’s history. The story has no words, as is Becker’s trademark, and the pictures do well in telling the story. The jump from the girl on the beach to the comet may be confusing at first, but it all ties together neatly in the end. Being only pictures, this book works well for children of all ages. Recommend. Cory Brookins, Centennial library Intern, Cedarville University



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Review of <em>A Stone for Sascha</em> by Aaron Becker

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