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Summary: Otis and Will Discover the Deep tells the real-life story of engineer Otis Barton and explorer Will Beebe who set the record as the first humans to descend into the depths of the ocean in a machine of their own invention. On June 6, 1930 they dove 803 feet into the mysterious blackness in a giant metal ball they called the Bathysphere. With only a small window and a few lights to illuminate the dark, they were the first humans ever to discover what sort of creatures lived in the dark depths. They took careful notes of everything that happened to themselves and to the bathysphere as they went further and further under the water. They recorded everything they could about the marine life they discovered, information that would help scientists and the public view the oceans as a complete habitat deserving of protection.

Comments: This book introduces the reader to Otis and Will when they are young and curious about the world around them. We see how their natural curiosity developed into a thirst for answers about how the world works and what sort of creatures live in it. With its gorgeous illustrations that capture the beauty and mystery of the ocean, this book is a great story that celebrates the curiosity in every child which drives them to explore and discover. We get to see how their childhood interests developed Otis and Will into scientists, engineers, and explorers. This is a great message for kids who have a natural drive to discover and understand the world around them. Parents and teachers will find that this book has lots of conversation starters about science, nature, technology, engineering, and more which can lead to fun and educational discussions with children of any age.

Highly Recommended

Taylor Phillips, Centennial Library Graduate School Intern



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Review of <em>Otis and Will Discover the Deep: The Record-Setting Dive of the Bathysphere</em> by Barb Rosenstock

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