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Caroline is having an unusual day because something is going to happen when school is over. She struggles to get ready for school, and when she gets to school she has trouble concentrating. Her agitation causes many mishaps and accidents, but when school is over, she goes out to find her parents in the parking lot. They also look like they have had a rough day, but they are happy as they introduce Caroline to her new baby sister. When they all get home, Caroline gives her sister a toy doll and everything is perfect. The book does not directly say that the new sister is adopted; the only indication is that an illustration of Caroline’s bedroom shows a book on her floor titled Your New Adopted Sibling. Throughout the book, Caroline is agitated and anxious about meeting her new sibling. This is a feeling that children may have, but I think the focus is on the negative emotions more than on the fact that it is a happy occasion. This book could be used to help children whose mothers are expecting as well as those children whose parents are adopting. The focus on negative emotions might also be a great way to start a discussion about anxiety with children. Recommended. Nicole J Spencer, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville, Ohio.



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Review of <em>A Most Unusual Day</em> by Sydra Malfery

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