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During the American Revolution, Ben Franklin and Noah Webster were fighting against more than English rule— they were fighting against the irregularities of the written English language. Together, these men challenged phonetic standards with new phonetic rules of their own, even though it took years before any real progress occurred. Against the habits of old, established writers, the publication of Webster’s standardized American dictionary guided America towards a more unified standard of English. As a whirlwind tour of a very technical subject, the author attempts to create an engaging story, but the limited narrative might be hard for students to latch onto. To that end, the illustrations seem to compensate for the limited narrative, but they leave a busy visual distraction upon the page. More suitable for individual student use, but probably not suitable content for a new or struggling reader, as the pages are inundated with the difficulties of problematic spellings and the English language.


Kristen Farley, Centennial Library Intern



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Review of <em>An Inconvenient Alphabet: Ben Franklin & Noah Webster’s Spelling Revolution</em> by  Beth Anderson

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