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Thirty Minutes Over Oregon tells the true story of “the only foe to bomb America” in World War II. A Japanese bomber pilot flies a secret mission to bomb the forest outside Brookings, Oregon. After the war ends he begins a lifelong friendship with the town and its residents. It is a charming and peaceful book that is illustrated in a way that carries the kind and nostalgic mood of the author’s storytelling, which is well-paced despite a few quick transitions. The phrasing and vocabulary are at times awkward, seeming to leave out parts of the story or otherwise assume the knowledge of the reader concerning certain words or concepts. However, it is an interesting and thought-provoking story that could be instrumental in beginning classroom or family conversations about human relationships, courage, compassion, forgiveness, unity, reaching out to others, and understanding human life in a global context. Recommended for middle grades or interaction with an instructor because of its subject matter, 38-page length, as well as high-level and sometimes confusing language. RECOMMENDED.

Marc Agee, Centennial Library



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Review of <em>Thirty Minutes Over Oregon</em> by Marc Tyler Nobleman

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