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Paul Writes (a letter) begins with a small text box about who the apostle Paul was, and what he did. The rest of the book is then snippets of each of his letters, with art woven through the pages. The quoted letters are in the order they appear in the Bible. The quotes chosen present wonderful thoughts that are applicable to everyone, and Raschka was careful to not pick any quotes that display the Christian faith, instead presenting ideals and ethics of peace, gentility, and kindness. The book concludes by speaking of Paul’s death, and how just by writing letters, he changed the world.

The illustrations of this book are watercolor, which is a bit refreshing in comparison to all of the technological and digital designs that appear in picture books and media. While this book has more words than pictures, and is thus for an older audience, Raschka still gave the text vibrancy by changing his coloring to highlight certain words and ideas. There may be a concern that the text is biased towards the Christian faith, but Raschka avoided that, instead citing the writings of a historical figure in a way that presents Paul’s life and teaching without trying to convert children to a religion. Recommend. Cory Brookins, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University



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Review of <em>Paul Writes (A Letter)</em> by Christopher Raschka

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