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Children's Literature, review, shelter, homelessness


A Place to Stay is a touching book about a mother using her imagination to help her daughter adjust to the shelter that they will be staying in. At first, the daughter is apprehensive and afraid - the shelter does not look very much like a house - but after a bit of make-believe and meeting a new friend there, she begins to feel much better about her new place to stay. This book provides a crucial talking point between parents and their children. It opens up space for conversations about homelessness, abuse, and the different situations that children and their families may be coming from. A Place to Stay may also provide comfort to children who are currently staying in a shelter because they realize that they are not alone. Additionally, Meza’s illustrations show a combination of joy, grief, and imagination, acknowledging the myriad of feelings that children and adults may have when staying at a shelter. The book concludes with more information about shelters, why people may stay there, and the resources that are available at many shelters. Highly Recommended Ashley Riddle, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University



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Review of <em>A Place to Stay</em> by Erin Gunti

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