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Children's literature, reviews, Australia, aurora australis, Southern Hemisphere, atmospheric sciences


Using the crisp, vibrant colors of pastels and descriptive, easy to understand metaphors, the author and illustrator work in tandem to bring the essence of an aurora to life. The story follows a child and their father as they sneak into the night to observe the wonders of an aurora. As they grow closer to the top of the mountain, the child explains things they see and experience. However, upon experiencing the aurora, neither the child nor their father say anything at all—they are completely in awe. This book takes an interesting perspective on an aurora because both the author and illustrator are from New Zealand. Because of this, the aurora being depicted is not the Aurora Borealis, as North Americans think of, but rather the Aurora Australis, which happens in the South Pole. Seeking an Aurora is also beneficial for those hoping to expand ethnic representation in their libraries, as this story follows a family of color. A definition of what an aurora is and the science behind it has also been included on the final page of the book. This book is unique due to many aspects: region, illustration, and personification that brings the story to life. I recommend it as a strong edition to any library, personal or public. Recommended. Katie Gosman, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University.



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Review of <em>Seeking an Aurora</em> by Elizabeth Pulford

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