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Children's literature, reviews, intergenerational friendships, death, Cree culture


When Katherena and her mother first move away from their old home by the sea, Katherena is sad. She misses her favorite tree and the house she had always known. However, as the seasons change, Katherena learns that her new house is special in a different way. There are two trees outside and she has a wonderful, new neighbor named Agnes. Katherena visits Agnes many times, showing her her drawings, helping her garden, and talking about the meaning of months and seasons in Cree culture. As the seasons change and winter rolls around, Agnes grows weaker. Katherena is sad that her new friend cannot see the birds from her bed. She can only hear their songs. Determined to show Agnes the birds, Katherena brings her bird drawings over to Agnes and hangs them on her walls. From start to finish, this book takes a slow, thoughtful, and wise approach to the seasons of life. It approaches the subject of aging and death in a way that children can understand and learn. It also teaches kids about the importance of culture, seasons, making intergenerational friends, and change. Though this book is definitely not an easy read, it provides a calm and worthwhile discussion about life, death, and the inevitably of change. Recommended Katie Korwan, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University, Cedarville, Ohio.



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Review of <em>Birdsong</em> by Julie Flett

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