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Iris loves to push the button on the elevator—that’s her job and no one else’s. But her little brother wants to join in the fun, and when he starts pushing the button, everyone seems to pay more attention to him. When Iris discovers a discarded call button, she tapes it up in her room so she can press it whenever she likes. Little did she know the button could conjure up incredible places. Part picture book, part graphic novel, Lift captures the internalized imagination of a little girl feeling edged out of her family. She learns how to be a good older sister and still have her own fun by the end of the book, captured in richly colored panels. Lê and Santat capture small nuances of sibling dynamics and feeling through mostly wordless depiction. Recommended. Grace Kohler, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University



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Review of <em>Lift</em> by Minh Lê

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