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Golden Threads weaves an old custom with a new perspective to tell a sweet story with a comforting moral. Emi loses her stuffed fox after a storm-blown gingko limb knocks him into the nearby river. When Fox reaches the other side, he is dirty and torn up. His gingko leaf in his overall pocket is his only sign of home. Kiko, a young blind girl healing from a leg injury, finds him and cleans him up, stitching up his broken seams with golden thread. They wait a year until the gingko leaves fall and make their way across the river, following their trail to Emi’s house. There, Fox is reunited with Emi and the two girls become friends. Miki Sato’s fabric illustrations provide a beautiful medium to display the Japanese custom of kintsugi. This story teaches an understanding of Japanese wabi-sabi in a new light and one applicable for young students. Recommended. Grace Kohler, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University



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Review of <em>Golden Threads</em> by Suzanne Del Rizzo

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