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Children's literature, reviews, farms, farm animals


A mule, a milk cow, and a miniature horse wait for the sun to rise, but both the sun and the farmer are late. Fearing their breakfast will never come, the trio visit Barn Owl, who sends them on a quest along with Rooster. Journeying past sheep, a broken fence, a cornfield, and a sleeping giant, the friends realize that they must show bravery along the way. As they travel, they wonder what the sheep and the sleeping giant dream of. Their arrival at the farmhouse awakens the farmer, who then returns to dreaming about her farm animals. The sun rises, and so does the farmer. Erin E. Stead’s charming illustrations, along with the repetition, create a fun story. The ending, however, seems confusing. Children listening to the story may not care, but if they do notice they may wonder what exactly happened. Librarians using this book for story hour may enjoy reading the book aloud, though.

Optional Rachel Crane, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University



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Review of <em>The Sun is Late and so is the Farmer</em> by Philip C. Stead

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