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A girl named Lucy vacations on Cape Cod. A woman, whom she calls “my poet,” lives next door. Lucy tells the woman that she is looking for words, and they walk around the town. When a little boy picks up a strawberry, the poet calls it a jewel. When walking the poet’s dogs on the beach, Lucy wonders how the poet writes about the dogs. She asks the same question about the sand, the rugosa roses, and the heron. A storm drives Lucy and the poet into a nearby boathouse, where Lucy creates a line about a spiderweb. The poet tells Lucy that she finds words in her head and heart. When Lucy goes home, she writes her own poem. MacLachlan, author of Sarah, Plain and Tall, draws inspiration from poet Mary Oliver. MacLachlan writes beautifully, and Hill’s illustrations convey the images in both their literal and poetic sense. The bond between Lucy and the poet conveys a theme of learning from an older, wiser person, and budding poets may find Lucy’s struggle with words relatable. Teachers with 5-9-year-old students may want this book for reading time, and if they have aspiring writers in their class, those students may appreciate this book

Recommended Rachel Crane, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University



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Review of <em>My Poet</em> by Patricia MacLachlan

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