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Shannon Stocker’s biography of Evelyn Glennie illustrates the beauty of turning a weakness into a strength. Evelyn was a lover of music but began losing her hearing at a young age. Her parents rejected the idea of sending her to a school for the deaf and encouraged her pursuit of music. Evelyn’s percussion teacher, Ron Forbes, helped teach her to listen to music through her entire body. She experimented with the vibrations and took in all the sights and feelings. We read of her struggles to enter into the Royal Academy of Music in London and her strong belief that she could teach others to listen like she did. After her acceptance into the academy, her talent and success continued to grow across Europe. The book concludes with her achievements, honorary awards, and an author’s note expressing the impact Evelyn Glennie has made not only on the music industry but on those who share in her experience. The illustrations hold the attention of the readers with warm and vibrant image-filled pages. The illustrator uses the artwork to capture the flow of music throughout the story. The story was captivating and encouraging for readers in similar circumstances. Some children may have a hard time understanding some of the concepts provided in the piece. The message or theme of the piece carried itself well across the story. The author encourages readers that even if people tell you that you cannot do something, believe in yourself that you can just like Evelyn Glennie.

Recommended Janelle Burd, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University



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Review of <em>Listen: How Evelyn Glennie, a Deaf Girl, Changed Percussion</em> by Shannon Stocker

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