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Review of <i>Looking at Lincoln</i> by Maira Kalman

Review of Looking at Lincoln by Maira Kalman


Nancy Paulsen Books


New York, New York, United States of America

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Library and Information Science | Modern Literature


Children's literature, reviews


Looking at Lincoln offers a fresh and creative look at our nation’s sixteenth president. It is told through the eyes of a young girl who has an amazing fascination with Lincoln. Through her curiosity and research, she relates the story of Lincoln’s personal and political life, incorporating both well-known facts and little-known tidbits as well as her own impressions of Lincoln’s life and the Civil War. While Looking at Lincoln offers many fascinating facts about Lincoln, young readers may have difficulty separating fact from opinion after reading this book, as the narrator incorporates both in the same whimsical fashion throughout the text, randomly interchanging between a handwritten and typed font. The beauty of Looking at Lincoln lies in the bold, colorful illustrations that reflect the youthful simplicity of the narrator and the incorporation of important, memorable quotes from Abraham Lincoln. The book also includes factual notes and sources in the back of the text which can assist teachers when reading the story and creating lesson plans. Additional Selection. Kirsten Setzkorn, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University


Review of <i>Looking at Lincoln</i> by Maira Kalman

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