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Frank Morrison weaves a story about the childhood struggle of moving to a new neighborhood. The story follows Ivan, also called Epic, as he tries to fit in. He gives up skateboarding to try out different sports and activities to make friends but finds it more difficult than he realized. He expressed his painful moments to his parents, and they encouraged him to take his skateboard with him on his way into town. His skating endeavors grow a group of curious children, excited by his epic moves. Ivan learns that he can make friends by being his epic self. The author outlines a theme of being yourself and not being confined by expectations. Although the story beautifully portrays the growth from the trials of being something you’re not, the initial shift into trying to conform and fit in is a little unclear. The story helps encourage the intended audience of children to be themselves and shows that the struggle of fitting in is a universal experience. The illustration drives the landscape of the inner-city lifestyle and colorful world Ivan has been brought to. The word usage and chosen art, although difficult for some to understand and relate to, may be influential to the specific audience and reach those who live outside the typical suburban lifestyle.

Optional Janelle Burd, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University



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Review of <em>Kick Push: Be Your Epic Self</em> by Frank Morrison

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