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Review of <i>What the Ladybug Heard</i> by Julia Donaldson

Review of What the Ladybug Heard by Julia Donaldson


Henry Holt


New York, New York, United States of America

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Library and Information Science | Modern Literature


Children's literature, reviews


What the Ladybug Heard tells the story of how a ladybug who never talks overhears a plan by two robbers to steal the farmer’s prized cow. She finally talks and tells the other farm animals about the robber’s plan to steal the cow. They then proceed to implement the ladybug’s plan and successfully foil the robbers’ plot.

What the Ladybug Heard is best read to a preschool or early elementary audience. With simple rhymed wording and illustrations, the author provides a blend of colors and characters that capture the children’s attention. Since the characters frequently repeated their animal sounds, teachers can educate their students about different farm animals. The illustrations were excellent for young children as they appeared simple. Upon closer inspection, however, they were a clever collage, which added an extra interesting element to the pictures. The ladybug was the smallest and quietest animal on the farm yet she was the one who was able to think of a plan to save the prized cow. She was the unexpected heroine. This shows children that they do not have to be the biggest and strongest person to make a difference. Highly Recommended. Amanda Snyder. Centennial Library Intern.


Review of <i>What the Ladybug Heard</i> by Julia Donaldson

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