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For the first time in his life, Chiro, a young bat, must fly out to the pond by himself. When he tells his mother that he’s worried about finding his way in the dark, she tells him that if uses his good sense and sings a song to the world, the world will sing back. At first, Chiro is uncertain of flying alone and even of singing his song. But once he gains enough confidence, he easily finds his way to the pond and beyond, with the world becoming less and less scary all the while. Ari Berk’s story of a young bat flying out alone is a perfect metaphor for the moment in life we’ve all experienced: the moment of stepping out alone to do something by ourselves for the first time. Loren Long’s illustrations complete the metaphor: at first, he uses a lot of dark colors to portray the night Chiro flies in, and then switches to bright, vibrant colors when Chiro begins to sing his song. This book would be an excellent resource for young to elementary-age children. Highly recommended. Reviewed by Mollie Nelson, Centennial Library Intern.



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Review of <i>Nightsong</i> by Ari Berk

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