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Hercules—or “Herky” for short—is an inquisitive little guinea pig who lives in Miss MacGuffey’s first grade classroom. He learns a lot of things from the students, but the most interesting thing that he learns is how to grow things. After watching the children grow beans, he decides that he wants a garden of his own. Herky’s plan moves into motion after he is moved to the home of Miss MacGuffey’s father for the summer. Together with his friend Daisy, Herky plants some pumpkin seeds to start his own garden. The process of growing a garden is hard and trying, but ultimately Herky’s hard work and patience are rewarded. The themes present in this book are perfect for younger elementary children. Told from Herky’s point of view, Ready For Pumpkins is a wonderful story that promotes taking care of nature, patience, and hard work. This book would be very useful to a teacher or librarian giving a lesson about any of the themes present in this story. Highly recommended. Reviewed by Mollie Nelson, Centennial Library Intern.



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Review of <i>Ready For Pumpkins</i> by Kate Duke

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