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January 2013



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This charming story of an inquisitive little girl and a graceful flamingo is told entirely without words: instead, author Molly Idle uses the beautiful illustrations to spin the plot out. The story begins with the flamingo, who is trying to take a nap and is being interrupted by Flora, a young girl who wants to imitate the flamingo’s poses and movements so she can learn how to dance. Over the course of the story, the two end up becoming friends and having great fun learning to dance together. This book seems to be geared more towards little girls, since the main tenets of the book are dancing and the color pink. However, it is enjoyable enough that it could be found interesting by young girls and boys alike. Optional. Reviewed by Mollie Nelson, Centennial Library Intern.



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Review of <i>Flora and the Flamingo</i> by Molly Idle

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