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Skippyjon Jones, the Siamese kitten who thinks he’s really a Chihuahua, has decided that he is circus material. While his sisters and the squirrels are impressed by his tricks on the telephone wire, his mother is less than amused. After talking to Skippyjon, she sends him to his room. But Skippyjon Jones is not deterred from his dreams of joining the circus in the least: instead, he embarks on an imaginative adventure in his closet, joining a fantastical pretend circus with all of his imaginary Chihuahua friends. This story, told partly in rhyme and partly in regular prose, is a fun way to introduce young children to the circus and encourage them to use their own imaginations. This book would be perfect for a teacher or librarian to use in a circus-themed event, or as an example of how to properly act on dreams of stardom that might involve a little danger. The illustrations in the book are fun and eye-catching, serving as a springboard from Skippyjon Jones’ regular world to his realm of imagination. Recommended. Reviewed by Mollie Nelson, Centennial Library Intern.



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Review of <i>Skippyjon Jones: Cirque De Ole</i> by Judy Schachner

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