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Review of <i>Soar, Elinor!</i> by Tami Lewis Brown

Review of Soar, Elinor! by Tami Lewis Brown


Farrar Straus Giroux


New York, New York, United States of America

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Library and Information Science | Modern Literature


Children's literature, reviews


Elinor Smith is not your average little girl. She dreams about soaring through the sky. Her parents understand the power of a dream and get her pilot lessons, and soon enough, she is the youngest licensed pilot in the country, girl or boy. When people doubt her abilities because of her age and gender, she accepts a dangerous and illegal challenge to fly under all four bridges across New York’s East River. But can she do it? And if she does, will the state of New York take her license away? Brown’s historical picture book about aviator Elinor Smith’s life is an endearing story that teaches you to follow your dreams no matter what obstacles you face. The nostalgic illustrations are perfect for the time setting of the book, each one a work of good ol’ Americana art. The book also includes an author’s note on the subject and sources in the back. This would be a useful historical teaching aid for the era of the 1920s. Highly Recommended. Ariel Foshay Bacon, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University


Review of <i>Soar, Elinor!</i> by Tami Lewis Brown

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