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Dog is in charge of one, two, three, four, five cats while his people are at the store. He expects the cats to be quiet and tidy so that his people will pet him and give him treats—but the cats have other plans! Will Dog be able to corral these chaotic cats? Or will he discover that the cats are really on his side, after all? K.L. Going’s text is humorous but not unique, and Santat’s insertion of speech balloons into the text is distracting at times. The cats are amusingly cat-like in behavior, but their turn from rebellious to helpful is a little sudden and doesn’t quite fit with their characters. Some parents and teachers may be concerned that Dog is claiming credit for keeping the house tidy which rightfully belongs to the cats. Not recommended. Emily Hartman, Centennial Library Intern.



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Review of <i>Dog in Charge</i> by K.L. Going

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