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January 2012



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Children's literature, reviews, moose, friendship


Wilfred has a moose. The moose is named Marcel, and Marcel is supposed to follow all the Rules of How to Be a Good Pet (which he usually doesn’t). But when an old lady calls Marcel Rodrigo, and says that he belongs to her, Wilfred has to decide whether he wants the moose to be a pet, who breaks the rules and belongs to someone else, or a friend, who can come rescue him when he gets stuck in the woods at night. Jeffers uses an interesting technique of layering his illustrations onto painted and photographic backgrounds; his Wilfred has the enthusiasm of any small child, and his Marcel is enchantingly indifferent to it all. Parents and teachers could use this book to discuss issues of friendship and control with younger children. Optional. Emily Hartman, Centennial Library Intern.



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Review of <i>This Moose Belongs to Me</i> by Oliver Jeffers

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