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Laszlo is afraid of the dark, until the night that the dark visits him in his room and shows him how necessary darkness really is. As with many of his books, Lemony Snicket leaves his readers with a sense of aloofness, not because his message is unclear but because he relays the story in a nonchalant manner, not unlike Tim Burton’s films or Wiley Miller’s comics. However, Snicket still effectively communicates the idea contrast as essential to the understanding of either extreme, which of course create a balance of appreciation and respect. The illustrations are tastefully minimalist, giving the reader only as much information as is necessary for the progression of the story. Another excellent selection for Lemony Snicket fans, and a fun read for even the most skeptical of his critics. Additional Selection. James Sandberg, Centennial Library Intern



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Review of <i>The Dark</i> by Lemony Snicket

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